8 Safety Tips for Decking the Halls this Holiday Season

The Holiday season is the perfect time to deck the halls with many kinds of festive decorations. Everyone wants to make the holidays as bright and merry as possible. Various seasonal decorations, for example, trees, lights, and wreaths are a great way to put the house in a holiday spirit. However, these festive decorations can cause fires or create safety hazards when not used properly.

1.Christmas trees file000951277203
Trimming the trees is a traditional decorating event in many houses, but if a tree is not dried out, it can become a fire hazard. Remember replenishing the water in your tree stands on regular basis to make sure your trees remains hydrated and healthy throughout the holiday season.

Decorating the mantle with stockings, garlands, and other similar decorations is a holiday tradition in many houses, but it is advised to keep these trimmings away from working fireplaces. Make sure to place them at least four feet away from heat sources, like space heaters, fireplaces, candles, etc. Also, be careful when you are using fire salts, because fire salts produce colored flames, which are highly toxic if swallowed.

3.Holiday foliage
Holly, Poinsettias, mistletoe, and Jerusalem cherries are all toxic if swallowed. Try not to use these decorations if you have small children or pets in the house. If you do want these decorations, then go for the artificial versions.

4.Artificial snow
If you are planning to create a white Christmas environment, spraying windows with artificial snow is a great way to give the house a frosty glow. However, artificial snow can irritate your lungs, that’s why it is recommended to use it in well-ventilated areas.

Flickering candlelight is a great way to give the home a warm, cozy glow. But careful use is recommended. Keep a close eye on candles if you are using them to decorate for the holidays. Make sure to extinguish the flames before leaving the room. Also don’t place a lit candle on/near a tree.

Before hanging any lights indoors or outdoors, make sure there are no broken bulbs, cracked sockets, or frayed wires. Always use the lights that are certified by a national testing lab. Also don’t use electrical lights on metallic trees because faulty lights can cause the branches to become charged and probably electrocute somebody.

7.Maintain supervision
Decking the halls with kids in the house generally means lots of kid-safe decorations. Watch out for ceramic figurines and glass ornaments, which can lead to issues if they get into small hands.

8.Turn lights off when not in use
Turning lights off when not in use is recommended for saving electric bill as well as for safety reasons. Lights should only be kept on when somebody is in the house to monitor them. Lights can be a potential fire hazard if they are not being properly watched.

In the event of a household fire emergency look to a restoration company such as Radar Restoration to help preserve your damaged items and living space.

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