Five Home Maintenance Tasks to Do to Your Home This Fall

Five Home Maintenance Tasks to Do to Your Home This Winter

The winter season is here & many individuals do still take some time for doing that big spring cleaning. However, whilst you’re dusting, decluttering, and vacuuming, it is also important to ensure your house is in a good condition of repair.

Repairing all the small issues now, most of them, which could have been resulted due to a bad weather, can possibly save you a huge amount of cash. Small problems across the home are likely to turn into big headaches if left free, hence below are our top 5 winter home maintenance ideas which, if followed correctly, can ensure your house stays intact for a longer period of time.

  1. Chimney and Fireplace

Begin by clearing the fireplace & eliminating any charred ash or wood, which might have collected, particularly if you have used the fireplace in the summer period. Besides, check if the damper is operating & the outlet is closed in order to prevent the heat from leaking out. For cleaning the chimney, it is highly suggested that you hire an expert cleaner who will also be able to check your fireplace thoroughly.

  1. Drainage Channels

Winter season means that plenty of leaves will be spread everywhere starting from the rooftop to the ground. It is important that your winter home maintenance task list concentrate on downspouts, drainages, and similar channels. Get rid of all the dead leaves from these regions. Any type of blockage in the drainage system may result in standing water. When fall comes, the water in this area starts freezing, which will not only impact the sewers but also the efficiency & the condition of your walls, basement, crawl spaces and foundation. Eliminating all the dead leaves & other stuff on the lawn can be an excellent way for avoiding snow molds.

  1. Windows

If your windows are leaking, then it might drain a huge amount of energy from the house during the winter. To avoid this, make sure you inspect your windows for broken caulking, ill-fitting glass and air leaks. In addition, it is also good to set up new weather stripping across the doors in order to stop drafts and minimize the heating bills.

  1. Roof and Driveways

file5861309716076Check for cracked shingles, corrosion or leaky vents. Appoint an expert for fixing it for you. Repairing a possibly leaky rooftop when it is not snowing or raining can be much better idea than searching for a source of leakage when the conditions get windy, rainy and chilly.

Apply the same tactic while checking the driveway. See if you can find loose railings, rough sections or cracks on the steps and sidewalk. Icy weather conditions are likely to be a huge cause of worry when you’ve unsafe steps or driveway.

  1. Heating System

Clean or switch the filters of the heating system in your house. An unclean air filter is likely to stop the much-required airflow to the heating system. The heating system can only give off the amount of air it takes inside; hence this restricted flow of air means you will have a less comfy house. Also, this will mean that your heating system will need to toil harder in order for giving you similar results and this may increase your monthly electricity bills. Furthermore, inspect the heating mechanism by switching it on & clearing off any dust build up. Make sure you stay out of your house as well as air it when getting back inside.

Knock out the above tasks and you’ll most likely enjoy an exciting winter season!



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