Preventative measures to avoid washing machine floods

The leading cause of insurance claims calls come from homeowners who walked into a soggy mess. Seeing a big puddle of water coming from your washer leads to a combination of confusion & frustration, yet it remains the most common household emergency.Washing-Machine-Extended-Warranties

So what causes a washing machine to flood? The biggest problem starts with a leak from your intake hoses and if not repaired, can quickly burst and begin flooding your home. That’s one of the reasons why home flooding is on of the top insurance claims filed by homeowners.

So what can we do to prevent our machines from flooding? You can provide a safety net by Switching out your traditional rubber hoses for more secure braided type of hose that will provide a more sturdy connection. If that is not an option then you may want to consider purchasing a washing machine valve shutoff kit. This is the number one preventative way to avoid flooding issues and it is relatively simple to install. Part of the genius behind the valve shutoffs is the sensor that is mounted to the floor, which can detect the accumulation of water and will immediately shut off the water valve the moment a water leak is detected.

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The materials in the hose lose resiliency as they age, making them subject to cracks, leaks and bursting. A study conducted by IBHS showed that failure rates increased dramatically in hoses that are more than five years old; the average age of failed hoses was 8.7 years old. This teaches us the importance of conducting regular maintenance and replacing the hoses every few years.

It is not just hoses that cause leaks in your washing machine, so it is important to be aware if the other elements that may spring a leak! For example, the washing machine pump may have a leak, thus leaving you with a white residue around it from where soapy water has evaporated leaving a trail. In addition front-loading washing machines may also have door seals that leak, and when it does, water often drips in the front of the washing machine. If this is happens, the most probable cause is a hole in the seal which should be replaced. If the rubber isn’t creating an effective seal against the glass door you might find that water runs down the front panel of the washing machine.

Undetected water leaks can lead to moisture accumulation in your flooring or walls and can cause mold to develop. This is the time when you really want to use preventative measures and inspect your washing machine every few months for leaks.

In the event that something is missed during your inspection and a flood occurs as a result of a hose leak, please know that there are professionals like Restoration companies who are trained in water clean up and dry outs, mold detection and water damage repairs. They are the professionals that understand the urgency you have to get your laundry room back in working order.

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